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Image credit: Up North Photography

dallon lamarche . // wedding film maker .


I'm a constant work in progress . Filming has been a passion of mine for a long time . The emotions, memories, and legacies I capture keep inspiring me to be creative . Leaving behind a story of your day that you and your family will cherish forever is what I work hard to do . My style is low-key and out of the way so you can focus on making the memories of a lifetime yours . 


You want your wedding to be captured, but not feel like it's being interrupted . So by using two small, silent cameras, allows your day to unfold naturally without having to wait for complicated equipment to be set-up . I'll dress the part and I'll blend in, there's no direction, complicated posing or pretending emotions, and in stripping all this away, the focus can remain on the important stuff . . . creating a lasting legacy of memories using real cinematic techniques .


Getting to know my couples is one of the best parts of the business, hearing their stories and capturing their day . I can't wait to tell yours, so reach out and we can start talking how we can create your wedding film .


Image credit: Up North Photography

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